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Rectangular White Vinyl Sticker


Rectangular white vinyl stickers are famous for their rectangular shape and printed on vinyl stock having adhesive on one side and the white vinyl on their front side. They possess an opaque quality due to their white vinyl, unlike transparent vinyl. The rectangular white vinyl stickers are increasingly important in day to day life. Our company prints them on daily basis with different designs, shapes and quantities according to the requirements of the consumers.

They have thousands of different uses but are primarily used for marketing, advertising, decoration and to spread any kind of message. You can also use rectangular white vinyl stickers  for the advertising of any business or brand name. Decorations of exhibition venues, birthday party venue decoration and various other things can be done through these white vinyl stickers. You can easily make use of them on the walls, doors, glass products, cars, electronic products and thousands of different places.

Our company offers full  customization options to our customers and  you can have them  cut in any custom shapes using die cut technique. You can also get them printed in the colors of your choice. You can also have other customizations like laminations spot UV and 3D effect on them. you can also order them in any size of your choice. We offer free digital proof, free delivery and 100% guarantees customers satisfaction to all our customers so place your order today and avail our value added services at the discounted price.

Specification Diagram

Specification  and Process of the order

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