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Octagon Static Clings
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Octagon Static Clings


Octagon static clings are in the shape of octagon. They are basically manufactured out of plasticized vinyl, white or clear, which effortlessly to glass surface while taking benefit of the slight stickiness produced by the excess plasticizers. It leaves off no adhesive to apply and clean off afterwards! They are great way to promote informational displays. You must have viewed big octagon static clings to the glass having such messages as 70% off, today only or clearance sale or any other hot news. Octagon clings designed for walls and windows do their job up right, with a minimum amount of fuss, bother and cost.

They make an ideal option for stores and businesses with a large glass window facing the street. Different octagon clings for windows are on clear material, they don’t block the view towards outside of the store. And they also do not block the view of the client who is looking inside the store. Wall clings serves best for giving the message to your clients with any efforts.

Our static clings are especially useful for temporary promotion or offer. And taking them down is so easy. We can produce them for you according to your requirements at increasingly cheap rates. We offer free digital proof and free delivery at every order you place with us.
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