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Square Metallic Stickers


Square  metallic stickers are the stickers which make correspondence, advertising materials, stickers and your sales stand out from the rest. Metallic stickers are guaranteed attention stickers and they successfully grab he attention of people. You can easily customize in any size and shape on the stock made for these stickers which is easily available with us. Square metallic stickers are printed using metallic ink and are completely customizable. These attractive and eye catching stickers are used for variety of different purposes all around the world.

The square Metallic stickers have very important uses and are printed on daily basis by our company. You can use them on different products and different surfaces to advertise your products or services. You can use these stickers on your cars to advertise your services or to promote your brand or just to deliver your message to the people. They are primarily meant for promoting any kind of business, to decorate a place, for the marketing and decoration as well. We can produce the more attractive and attention grabbing stickers according to your business requirements. You can order them in any customized size, shape or colors of your liking. Our high quality stickers printing services are par excellence.

You can get them customized with the rounded corners and with different other customizations. You can easily choose the design of your liking and get square metallic stickers printed in solid colors. So order today and avail are excellent services at the discounted rates!

Specification Diagram

Specification  and Process of the order

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