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Oval Metallic Stickers
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Oval Metallic Stickers


Oval metallic stickers are exclusively designed, created and printed in oval shape having metallic shade. They make great tools for the purpose of expressing information, decorating or customizing vehicle/car, promoting safety or to add personal interest. You can choose to customize them with  brightly colored ink and other true to life colors, according to your design specifications.

Our oval metallic stickers have sunlight resistant colors, moisture resistant vinyl and protective coating which make them perfect stickers for cars which withstand all weather conditions and protect them from grime when your car is on the highways and streets. The oval metallic stickers may withstand day in and day out, as they are resilient and tough!

 You can also make your event more memorable and joy able by giving oval metallic stickers as give away stickers along with the invitations to the event. You can provide the information about the address and date of the event on these stickers. This will make people remember your event date.

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