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Rectangular hologram stickers are especially designed and created to save your products from counterfeit products and duplicate products in the market. Such duplication can render you big amount of losses. They enable you to make the originality of the product intact. It’s a kind of seal of quality, which your product carry on it’s box. It can be used on any kinds of products such as clothing, electronic products, mobile phones, crockery and thousands of different kinds of  heavy machines. Rectangular hologram stickers are necessary if you want to save your product from the attack of fake product sellers similar to your product. produces high quality rectangular hologram stickers which are perfect for the security and protection of your products in the market. They possess a unique 3 dimensional hologram design with reflective surface. We can embed your secret code hidden behind the surface of the stickers which cannot be copied by other fake product makers. Our rectangular hologram stickers are highly durable, flexible, reliable and effective. They can serve as a perfect tool to save your company’s profit from counterfeiters. You can get them custom printed from us in any size, design and quantity. This allows you to use these stickers at different places at different times. You can choose to have laminations and UV spotting and the 3D effect on them with the company name printed on these stickers.

We offer free digital proof of your order and free delivery at your door step along with money back guarantee if you do not like our sticker product.

Specification Diagram

Specification  and Process of the order

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