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Die Cut Hologram stickers
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Die Cut Hologram Stickers


Die cut hologram stickers enables you to save your products from duplication and counterfeit the black marketers. These hologram stickers are especially designed and manufactured with the exclusive photography quality creation which cannot be copied by anyone else in the market. It is impossible for the duplicators to copy the exact image of your hologram stickers.

Stickersprinting.us can provide you with true color die cut hologram stickers which contain different optical coatings with 2 dimensional holographic images. The arrangement is in such a manner that they give a three dimensional effect to your hologram stickers. We make use of special techniques and soft ware’s to create you exclusive hologram image which is specific to your product only. The true color type hologram stickers provide the final finished stickers a very clear and eye catching result.

These specialized die cut hologram stickers can be ordered according to your own design, shape and quantity specifications. Our die cut hologram stickers can be custom cut in the shape of your logo or design such as a cloud, a pen, a diamond shape or any other shape of your logo. We design and shape these special stickers exactly in the way you want them to be. You can avail our design assistance in case you are not sure about the design. The free digital proof will enable you to review your order before final processing.

Give a chance to serve you and you will surely be happy with your choice!

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