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Round foiled stickers are similar to other type of foil stickers but are classified specifically on the basis of their round shape. The foil stickers are reflective stickers which shine and reflect light when light falls on them. This unique quality gives them an edge over other type of plain and simple stickers.these foil stickers are can be made on the paper stock or vinyl stocks which are later on adorned with foiling effect which enhances their attraction. They can be stick on any surface and at any place attracting the attention of the passerby.

There are various uses of our exclusively designed round foil stickers. You can stick them on the certificates, on different envelops and on the official documents of your organization or company. The genuine products of the company also make use of these attractive and premium quality round stickers as originality seals of their company’s product. offers you the best quality sticker printing and manufacturing services at the cheapest and the lowest rates in the market. You can get your customized round foil stickers printed in any size, design and quantity. We make use of latest printing and manufacturing techniques which sets us apart from other sticker manufacturing companies. You can also get them die cut in any shape of your liking on kiss cut sheets or as individual pieces. The choice is absolutely yours.

We offer free digital proof and free delivery services on all the sticker orders you place with us. We are offering 60% limited time discount offer on all our sticker products.

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