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Round Clear Vinyl Sticker


Clear vinyl stickers are exclusively designed and printed on the clear vinyl materials which are of several different types and shapes. But the most well known and demanded are the regular shaped round clear vinyl stickers. These are mostly used for the business promotions, marketing and advertising of your product or services, for political events or just for fun as give aways. They are well known for their ability to create a great impact on the people while keeping your advertising cost to the minimum.

The basic things to keep in mind while you place an order of your round clear vinyl stickers is the concept, color, design and printing options available. With at your service all these aspects will be taken care of by our hard working, creative and professional team. We never overlook any aspect of your order and will manufacture and print your round clear vinyl stickers order to meet perfection. Our design sets a tone while concept is meant to create an impression which sets our stickers apart from others.

According to the requirements of your company’s promotional marketing campaign, you can order round clear vinyl stickers in several different diameters and colors. The bright and violent colors of your stickers will definitely enable you to attract the attention of the crowd and improve your business identity.

We offer low cost round vinyl stickers to our customers along with free digital proof and free delivery services. We provide money back guarantee in case you do not like your final product which is extremely unlikely!

Specification Diagram

Specification  and Process of the order

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