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Stickers have taken a new place in the market and since almost everyone is using it, we think it’s the best idea to order them as wholesale bumper stickers. Ordering them as wholesale would surely reduce the per sticker cost as we also mentioned that it reduces the printing cost so it is available on much cheaper rate. Bumper stickers are a fun way to convey messages without even saying anything.

Wholesale bumper sticker printing is cheap compared to individual printing of every sticker. So order now for any purpose while it’s your band or team of match. It can also be for business purpose of branding items. We have readymade designs for every surface available and you can also go for custom made designs.

Bumper stickers can be used for political purpose to convey the slogan of any party or it can also be used to cheer up others mood by putting funny stickers. The stickers are surely multipurpose and can also be delivered to your door step free of shipping charges and we have money back guarantee as well.

Order from us now and be sure to get fascinated by our work as we guarantee the best quality with cheapest rate you would have ever heard of. Call us now and get all the details or leave a message for our representatives and they will get back to you in less than 24 hours.

Specification Diagram

Specification  and Process of the order

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