Yellow Colour Metallic Stickers
Yellow Color Metallic Stickers
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Yellow Colour Metallic Stickers


Yellow colour metallic stickers are specifically designed and printed by making use of the yellow color metallic shade. There are many different uses of these stickers. The major purposes include informational, directive and marketing. You can customize them according to your needs and requirements. These they are used for labeling things, for using in scrapbook and for different other purposes. We our providing our customers, the facility of designing and printing yellow color metallic stickers at the cheapest rates. You can get them printed from us in small as well as large sizes, in any shape like round, oval, rectangular etc. you can also get them exclusively die cut in any shape as per your design requirements.

The yellow color effects on these stickers are absolutely stunning and gain the attention instantly. You can use Yellow colour metallic stickers as award stickers, wedding stickers, food stickers, bottle stickers, wine and beverage stickers, foil stamped stickers or practically any sticker product you may think of. As yellow color metallic stickers are considered a replacement of foil stamping and embossing, so they give you considerable savings.

We can produce Yellow color metallic stickers on different sticker materials like metalized yellow foil, bright yellow polypropylene or silver polyester. By tinting the yellow material we can create gold stickers or any other metallic shade you like. We provide our customers with free digital proof and free delivery at their door step without any additional charges. We guarantee 1005 customer satisfaction on all our sticker products!

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