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Silver colored metallic stickers are the stickers which are particularly designed and manufactured in silver color metallic shade. is the company that has been producing silver color metallic since 2005. Silver metallic colored stickers help your to give a boost to your business and make your product stand out from the rest. The main purpose of these stickers is enhancement of your packaging, design and truly separate your product from the rest of the products displayed in shelves of the shops.


Our customized silver coloured metallic stickers are used for variety of different purposes such as for wine stickers, cosmetic stickers, health & beauty stickers, vitamins and supplement stickers, anniversary stickers and promotional stickers. You can get them from us in form of sheets or as individual stickers according to the requirements of your business. With the introduction and adoption of new and latest techniques in the printing industry, we are able to produce stickers better than ever! We are able to print many different color variations plus sculpted embossing. By introducing our latest printing techniques to the decorative metallic sticker printing, you can easily add depth and dimension to your silver color metallic stickers.

We have the necessary expertise to meet your decorative silver colored metallic stickers’ requirements with multiple design and color options. Our talented graphic designing team will guide you to set up a design that will definitely grab the attention of people. You can get assistance from our knowledgeable customer service staff for choosing appropriate silver color metallic shades and colours to make your label design stand out. So contact us today to get big discounted offers on all our sticker products!

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