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Green Colour Metallic Stickers


Green colour metallic stickers are exclusively designed and printed in metallic green colour. Stickers make one of the most magnificent tools for grabbing public’s attention. They have become the most effective mean of advertising and marketing. The businessmen extensively utilize stickers for labeling and branding their products. Still other people use them as giveaway stickers or decorative tools. Green color metallic stickers can be made on different types of stocks according to the requirements of the consumers. The three major kinds of stickers stock include, paper, vinyl stock, and other type of stocks.

Our creatively designed Green colour metallic stickers for car are also popular for use on cars displaying different kinds of messages on different parts of the cars for the purpose of marketing and advertising. They are used by different types of companies to label their fleet of vehicles or cars or to promote their new car or product or any kind of promotional offers. They are well known for both personal and commercial usage.

Our green color metallic stickers can also be used to provide information regarding safety on heavy duty industrial equipments, to designate safety equipment when placed on walls next to fire extinguishers stairwells and routes due to their high reflection properties.

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